My Ideal Day of Love: Work

Our business has a cafe that provides coffee service and lunch. It is an amazing benefit. My work station is near the cafe door so virtually everyone passes by me on their way to the cafe.

My job requires that I spend several hours a day talking with clients and potential clients on the phone so I wear a phone headset to keep my hands free for making notes while I talk. The headset is a signal to my co-workers that I am not available. There are a few who have pressing needs and will interrupt me even while I wear the headset. I usually don’t mind the interruption.

As a business owner these independent agents are actually my clients and I want them to succeed in their business, contribute to the company dollar and, most important, provide for their families. Besides that, I like them! However a good portion of our income is generated by the commissions Jennifer and I earn in oIMG_20150904_114214454ur own small sales team so I NEED to attend to my team’s sales business. We are constantly balancing these competing needs.

Jennifer and my team form a little constellation near the cafe.

Patty and Sally’s desks are open to Jennifer’s work area maximizing the flow of information. Patty is our transaction coordinator and we constantly interact. Sally is our admin person making sure all our systems are up and running. We collaborate a lot, too. Jen S works from home with her new baby making sales appointments for us and does some marketing.

Jennifer (Martin) is our lead listing agent, and my wife. She conducts business from her desk about ten feet from me. Together we manage the team’s activities; strategic meetings, marketing, training’s, problem solving, previewing inventory, networking events and we have meetings with buyer and sellers in the field. We work many productive hours together and close many transactions.

What is missing above is the frequent interactions we have with people daily.

Many times the interactions are just for a moment yet they are significant and could be life changing. I have trained myself to be mindful of every interaction and take note of nuances. That means I wonder if an interaction is more than just another interaction.

One agent asks a business question and then catches herself telling me details of her personal life. It is not unusual for a business interaction to turn into a very personal and important life discussion.

Another agent stops to tell me about her new car, but it is not really about her car. Another seeks my advice about a purchase contract. One agent deliberately and completely ignores me. That behavior is telling, only I am not sure what she is telling. I remain curious.

I am not the only one subject to these kinds of interactions. There must be dozens of them, people negotiating all kinds of situations, life dramas, personal crises, business transactions, financial issues. There are so many personal interactions and each one is important. It is work, it is life, it is love.

As hard as some may try, love does not make a distinction between home and work. 

Life is a continuum of loving opportunities with no sharp differentiation between events. My co-workers and clients need love everywhere and sometimes more so at work.

My ideal day of love consist of balancing many loving opportunities with my busy work day.


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