My Ideal Day of Love: Work 2

Given the chance I would jump on the opportunity to work for Elon Musk. It would be the kind of transformational experience that I would tell to my great-grandchildren.

Musk is the CEO of Tesla Motors, maker of premium electric vehicles, and CEO of SpaceX the rocket and spacecraft company as well as an investor in Solar City. The 44 year old Musk is known for having outrageous vision, getting the most out of people, cutting cost and time and actually getting done what others thought to be impossible. He is a modern industrial giant and a legend. In fact the Tony Stark character of Iron Man fame is based partly on Musk’s vision, drive and indomitable spirit. I am reading Ashlee Vance’s biography of Musk and anything else I can find about him.

Musk has a teslagenuine passion to help restore space exploration for the expressed purpose of colonizing other planets. He sees the fragility of Earth and the not so distant future necessity of getting into space for the survival of humanity. His focus on solar energy and electric automobiles are his way to help clean up the world and escape our dependence on oil and gas sucking polluting combustion engines.

In the process he has defied the accepted limitation of industry and manufacturing by smashing the time it takes to get rockets in space at a fraction of the cost. Musk’s teams do it fast, better, and cheaper than ever thought possible.

His teams work harder and longer because Musk has a way transferring urgency to them and getting them to own their projects for which they are directly accountable to Musk. He has been referred to not as a micromanager but as a nano-manager. Musk himself works hard. Vance noted that in the heat of a project workers may labor 20 hours a day but Musk works 23 hours.

Vance does a good job of giving voice to Musk’s proponents and critics in virtually every area. Former employees state that Musk uses people and then spits them out. Others point out that Musk’s drive, determination and ability to get nearly impossible tasks done inspires them.

Musk challenges me. His drive and work ethic are amazing. His focus and determination are laser pointed. His accomplishments speak for them-self. His vision for saving humanity inspires me.

My ideal day of love includes working harder, smarter, and better toward the profound and meaningful goal of helping save the world by the power of love by inspiring, empowering, equipping, encouraging, training, holding others accountable and actually accomplishing something important, today.


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