My Ideal Day of Love: Children

Prophets, sages and ancient wisdom inspires me. For this I am profoundly grateful. Children today and children still stuck in time to be are the ones through whom humanity will be saved. Helping them gives me purpose and meaning for life.

Our future children will solve problems we never imagined. They will abolish poverty and heal virtually every disease. They will resolve global conflict. And if the Earth should prove to be unsustainable, for one reason or another, they will lead the way to new worlds and new opportunities. Children now and children still stuck in time to be will be the saviors of humanity. They are the ones who are worthy of all our attention today.

This is a radical shift in the way we think and believe. Instead of looking back and divining ancient ways of ordering contemporary society our attention must turn to the future, making the path straight for children and empowering them to create solutions to future problems that we can now only begin to imagine. Our fore-bearers never imagined the resources that we have today.  We have seen amazing advances in science, information, and technology in merely a few generations and this wealth of resources will only continue to envelop the planet. Wonder with me for a moment… what information, technology and advance will exist three, four, or five generations from now? Our thoughts and the way we order life must turn from what has been to what will be.

What can we do to help these little ones?

We must keep them safe, keep them healthy, keep them well educated, and empower them to use their gifts, skills and talents to the highest degree possible. In other words we must love them.

This seems like such a natural way of life. Who would be opposed to focusing the world’s attention on the well-being of children and future children? Culture brokers, the guardians of ways of being will always and forever have resist change and hold to beliefs and systems around which they have formed their identity and view change as a threat to what they hold dear. Fortunately every belief tradition and the systems which support them have always changed and are constantly changing. What is necessary is persistent and determined action in loving children.

My ideal day of love consist of being mindful of the children around me; to see them and acknowledge them, to smile at them and encourage them, to be there for them and support them, to play with them and make them happy, to observe their physical, emotional and moral development, to advocate for the best public policy and education for them, to ensure that they have the food they need, and to help them feel and be confident and competent in life. In so doing I will love them and help direct the world’s attention to the best future possible.


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