What I Learned In Phoenix

My ministry goal has been to inspire, encourage, and empower you to love more and better so that we can make the world a better place for our future children. 

Beloved, I have just had the pleasure of attending The 12th International Congress on Ericksonian Approaches to Psychotherapy in Phoenix AZ. You may know that I earned a M.A in Marriage and Family Counseling and practiced for a time as a psychotherapist prior to returning to ministry.  So, I have used learned skills and training in community settings rather than a clinical settings. The difference is that in a clinical settings the focus is on healing and in community setting the focus is on empowering people to make a difference. I wanted to attend this event because I would have direct contact with some of the greatest teachers and trainers in this particular school of thought. I was not disappointed.

I will not list their names here but I heard and saw the “great ones” teach and demonstrate their skills. They freely shared everything they had. It was amazing. I paid special attention on how I could use these skills with you and those in the circles of my life. Here is what I learned:

1) I learned new skills and relearned old skills on how to focus deeply on you, and help you focus deeply on what you want for your life.

2) How to help you release the resources you have inside you to love more and better. Everything you need for the best life possible is inside you and you can use it more than you ever imagined.  

3) That love really is the driving force for helping you to realize the dreams for your life and empowering you to really make a difference in the world AND I can help you move in that direction.

4) I can help you have an experience that will empower you for your life. In the past I have underestimated the power of experience thinking that if you learned something it would help you.

But experience is greater that just learning and I look forward to helping you experience love. This thumbnail sketch of my four days in Phoenix should give you hope for our future together. My only question for you is “if you could, what would you do to make your life and the world better?” I would really like to know and I would like to help you achieve it.

I love you! — Bryan


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