Let’s Pretend… About Love

Let’s pretend… a person way off in the future figured out a way to contact you. Pretend that she is your blood relative, your descendant many future generations from now. Somehow her DNA molecules are able to connect with your DNA molecules over space and time and she can communicate with you. Communication is poor but you get the message that her world is on the verge of extinction. And here is the kicker…she is reaching out to you for help.

The first thing you do is think about the sushi you ate last night. You thought it was a little too fishy, maybe it got to your head. But no, you feel fine. So you start thinking.

“What could I do to help my future descendants?”

You don’t even know what their calamity is! What if they need to get off the planet? What could you do to help? Science and technology will be so vastly different then from today, it would be like asking your prehistoric ancestors to help solve the riddles of the human genome.

So you start thinking.

What did my ancestors teach me about saving my world and making it safe for my kids today? You realize that most of your ancestors were just focused on surviving from day to day. As you thought about how culture and civilizations developed, how nations and economies came into being you realized THAT is more than you have ever thought about. It is just too overwhelming.

“Get basic,” you tell yourself.

Science and technology are constantly advancing. What remains the same? What is it that I can do today that will help my future people. “What a minute!… I can’t build a spaceship to take them to a distant galaxy but I can help them by….”

You realize that the glue that has kept humanity together today, such as it is, is the help we give each other. What people do to ensure that the next generation is successfully launched is that they love each other.

At first you think, “That sounds hokie. How does love help save the world?” But it is unavoidable. As you read and study and learn it comes down to basic human love. Love is what has sustained families and humanity from the very beginning. The earliest tribes did everything in their power to nurture and develop their children and them keep safe. That long gestation and years of children rearing bonded people together and has been the driving force of humanity’s longevity. Love created the environment where people could survive and solve all the problems people have ever faced.

It was at that moment, that Edison moment, when the light went on that you realized that the way you help your future descendants is by ensuring that love remains the basic foundation of human existence because love creates the environment for people to grow, be creative, solve the world’s problems, and save the day.

That was the day you set out to help save humanity by the power of love.

We are still pretending… As you started telling people about how important it is to save the future by the power of love you run into a brick wall. Most people are not interested in helping future people. They are too busy just surviving! They have to pay the rent, manage family problems, deal with health issues and cope with society. “Helping future people is a great idea,” they say. “But I’ve got my hands full just trying to make it through the day.” Then reality hits you like a 2×4 across your forehead. The whole freaking world is just trying to survive! There is poverty, disease, wars, injustice, disparity and violence everywhere! HOLY MOLY! We don’t have to wait generations for the extinction of humanity… it’s unraveling before our eyes!

“Wait a minute….” You tell yourself, “Take a deep breath! Calm down and use those relaxation techniques you learned in college. Omm.”

Soon you find yourself in a trance and your are visited by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Mr. Rogers, Amanda Palmer, Simon Sinek and Elon Musk and you realize the Sushi really was bad, but you go with the vision nevertheless. In a moment of time that seems like a three day long work conference in Orlando, you have another Aha experience. Love really is the most important thing and you are just going to have to find some help and save the whole freaking world now and for the future. It is your calling!

That moment ruined your life. Out the window went your plans for riches, fame, travel, designer jeans, and a big house on the river. Your were fated to live a life of love and save your world now and for the future by the power of love one person at a time… or die trying. OMG!

Note to self: eat no sushi.


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