Let’s Pretend…About Love, more

Walking home you are trying to put all the pieces together. It is exhilarating that you found out what L.O.V.E. is but there seems to be something missing. Just then you are hit, hard, by a basketball. 

You look up and a group of girls are horsing around on the playground basketball court. They have set up a small trampoline jump assist and they are practicing slam dunks. The trampoline lets them dunk like Vince Carter. They are doing all kinds of tricks. They control the ball like the Harlem Globetrotters. They spin the ball on their fingers like is was a top. They flip in the air and slam the ball through the hoop. You didn’t know what they did was even humanly possible.

“Sorry,” one of the girls announced as she retrieved the ball. “You wanna play.” You are all in and head over to watch. After of few minutes of watching the girls perform all kinds of jumps and dunks they give you a chance.

You run up, hit the trampoline just right and start flying through the air. Time seems suspended as you find yourself way above the hoop slamming the ball through the hoop and landing… on the dance floor?

“Welcome back!” You look and there is Ryan Seacrest, “Welcome back the finale of the season! Before the break…” he turns to you, “Your great performance on L.O.V.E. was AMAZING!”

You smile, “Uh… thank you,” you look up and there is Bruno Tonioli, Jennifer Lopez, and Simon Cowell sitting in the judge’s seats.

“Let’s see what the judges say. Bruno, what did you think of the L.O.V.E. performance?”

Bruno climbs up on the desk, “You are full of passion and FIRE! You are so HOT, HOT, HOT!”

These strange “events” only confuse you a little now but you are a fast learner and you realize that you are about to learn something real important, so you go with it.

Bruno continues, “I just wish that I knew how the L.O.V.E. works. It was fantastic to learn what L.O.V.E is, if you could just tell us how it works!”

Jennifer Lopez chimes in, “I agree with Bruno. Baby you have always impressed us with your amazing talent. But tonight was not your best performance. I want to see more YOU in it. I want to see how L.O.V.E. works, too. Sorry Baby, but I love you!”

“I’ll tell you what is was,” Simon interrupts, “It was awful! This is the finales and you have to bring your best and tonight you didn’t. I’m afraid you may be out of the competition after tonight!”

You think to yourself, “I didn’t know this was a competition.”

The girls start cheering. “Wow that was great!” You find yourself back on the basketball court. “You really put the spin on that one.”

“Spin!” You think, “That’s it! Thanks!” you yell to the girls as you run back to you room and start putting your thoughts down.

L.O.V.E as Spin

“L.O.V.E is the spin that keeps the ball balancing on the finger of life” you write in your pocket notebook. Before you know it you find yourself in a Csikszentmihalyian writing flow.

“Your home is like the basketball on the player’s finger. As long as she keeps it spinning the ball is balancing in spite of the never ceasing pressure of gravity. L.O.V.E gives your home the spin that keeps it balancing in spite of the gravity-like pressures constantly put on your home.

“There are four gravity-like pressures that constantly exert pressure on your life. The first is Money. The necessity to manage your material resources is never ending. You have rent to pay, buy food, pay for transportation, afford health insurance and so on. Every person on the face of the earth is subject to the relentless pressure of the economy. There are two ways to respond to the pressure of money; as a survivor or as a philanthropist.”

“Next is your community, including your extended family, like your brother-in-law who can not keep a job and is constantly asking you for money. Relating to your extended family, friends, vendors and service providers in your community all too often seems like a Spanish language Novela. There are two responses to the pressure of your community; as a co-dependent or as a community organizer.”

“The third pressure is disease, illness and unwellness of every kind from being overweight to life threatening disease. Every human being on earth is subject to disease related pressure their life long. There are two responses to disease; being a Patient or being a Health Guru.”

“The last pressure is culture. Culture is the beliefs, values, rites, ritual and regulations of your main people group. Culture determines your identity (as in “I belong to Such and Such Group” or “I am a Fill In The Blank). Culture will determine how you dress, where you live, the spouse you choose, the car you drive, your religion, political party, your body art, the style of your hair,  how you view yourself and how others view you. There are two responses to culture, Status Quo (including being a Culture Brokers) and Outliers.”

“Ultimately the spin of L.O.V.E. creates safety in your balancing home. It makes it possible for the adults in your family to use their gifts, skills and talents to their fullest potential and to make a difference in the world. The spin of L.O.V.E. makes it possible for children to explore, learn, and discover what their gifts, skills and talents are. L.O.V.E flows from generation to generation and philanthropists, community organizers, health gurus, and outliers accomplish their goals of making better todays and tomorrows.”

You put your pin down and as you do you hear clapping. Looking up you see Mr.Rogers, Amanda Palmer, Kelly McGonigal, Martin Luther King, Jr., Elon Musk, Mother Teresa and Simon Sinek, Bruno Tonioli, Jennifer Lopez, Simon Cowell standing surrounding you cheering and clapping with smiles.

Before they completely fade away you are starting to develop a picture in your mind about the balancing home, the four pressures and the individual aspects of L.O.V.E. You reach up, scratch your head and ask, “Bruno Tonioli?”


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