About 4 Levels of Love

4 Levels of Love anticipates a book by the same name (4 Levels of Love: How to live the best, most meaningful life possible and make a significant difference in the world by loving others.).

The world needs help and you and I are the ones to do it with L.O.V.E.  Love is the an acronym I use to illustrate exactly how we can literally save the world and live the most meaningful, fulfilling life possible.

“L” stands for “little things” such as kind words and good works.

“O” stands for the Oxytocin (the Hug Drug) and the complex brain functions related to love and relationships.

“V” stands for Victory when we fight and win life’s battles together.

“E” stands for Eternity and speaks to the spiritual longing that people have for meaning and significance in life.

These are broad areas that encompass individual, relational, business and global concerns. What area of life is not touched by love?

So… you are probably wondering how I can up with this particular acronym for love.  You will just have to read the book to find out.

In the meantime, won’t you participate with me? Thanks.