About Bryan Lee Martin

Why does love need a speaker?  Because love will save the world in the future, now, including people in desperate parts of the world and in your office and home.

Sooner or later it is all going away, I hope later. Nevertheless I can’t wait, I’m acting now. I’m not an engineer so I can’t build a spaceship to take us to a safer place. But I can inspire you to love others so we can work together to make it safer.

I actually believe that if we loved each other we could solve all the world’s problems and find safety for at least long enough to prepare for the next apocalyptic event. M. Teresa said we should start at home. I am doing that and helping other’s to do it also.

Jennifer and I have been married long enough to be love experts. We brought four magnificent people into the world. We have eleven wonderful grandchildren. I think that qualifies us to be family love experts too! We teach love.

In addition our family operates a thriving Keller Williams real estate franchise and we are partners with others in various business concerns. Here we help people have “a career worth having, a business worth owning and a life worth living.” We teach love here, too.

I am the spiritual leader of our local church. My books, “Fun Loving: How to Have a Practically Perfect Relationship” (co-authored with Jennifer) and “My Ideal Day of Love”, are fun books about love and well worth reading.

Oh, I have hiked Half Dome in Yosemite 20ish times…not to  brag, though. I have met people who have done it a lot more than that. Just saying I love the beauty of nature and the physical challenge of a strenuous hike. It is a lot like trying to save the world.

Beauty and love… not a bad way to live.

I have been an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team. I am an Approved Trainer in the Keller Williams Realty International system.

My personal signature presentations are “The 4th Level of Love” and  “Fun Loving: How to Have a Practically Perfect Relationship.” My Master of Divinity and Doctor of Divinity are from Fuller Theological Seminary and my Master of Arts in Marriage Family and Child Counseling is from Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary.

For more information drop me an email.