My Ideal Day of Love: Friends

My best friend since high school is Jennifer Chamberlin Martin. (Pause) I think I just heard a collective “Ahhhh!” from the Universe as I wrote that. “It is so nice that your wife is your best friend!”  Continue reading “My Ideal Day of Love: Friends”


My Ideal Day of Love: Hiking

It is very very strenuous 16+ mile round trip one day hike, but it is not the most rigorous hike in the world, yet when I stand on top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park I am moved so deeply that it is as if the molecular elements of my being vibrate with joy and ecstasy. Continue reading “My Ideal Day of Love: Hiking”

My Ideal Day of Love: Converting

I am standing on the corner of Harbor and Katella, a stone’s throw from Disneyland in Anaheim California. It is the mid 1970s and hundreds of tourists from Japan, Germany and all over the world walk by me. As I stand there I take in the surrealistic setting and realize that now is the time to Continue reading “My Ideal Day of Love: Converting”

My Ideal Day of Love: Movement

I remember being 5 years old living in Canoga Park, CA. My 28 year-old mother had the black and white TV tuned to the Jack Lalanne Show (search it) and she was exercising with him. I distinctly remember getting down on the floor with mom and attempting to make the same movements she was doing. She looked at me and smiled. Continue reading “My Ideal Day of Love: Movement”