Meet With Bryan

I meet with individuals, couples and organizations.

Meetings with individuals and couples are not psychotherapy or counseling or even Christian counseling (While my life experience has been nurtured in the Christian tradition my focus is more narrowly focused on love).

I have a Pastoral presence (loving, accepting, guiding, caring, spiritual, giving) and essentially these meetings are love lessons focused on your concerns.

Meetings with organizations focus on love as an empowering energy for people working together. Our meeting will draw upon recent research in neuroscience, organizational psychology, relationship education and my own insights into spirituality.

These love lesson provide practical tools that are easily incorporated into daily life and add significance and meaning to life. Our meeting will be an opportunity for us to share life together in a spiritual moment surrounded by love. In addition to being loved we will experience wisdom, learning and empowerment for changing the world. 559.259.8154