My Ideal Day of Love: Work

Our business has a cafe that provides coffee service and lunch. It is an amazing benefit. My work station is near the cafe door so virtually everyone passes by me on their way to the cafe. Continue reading “My Ideal Day of Love: Work”


Balance Does Not Work

Is it possible to have balance in life? Does the yin and yang effect bring harmony? I think not. It is a good and wonderful ideal; I wish it were so, but, categorically no.

The closest thing I can come to balance in nature is the gyroscope (you can Youtube “gyroscope” to see and example of one). The gyroscope defies nature and gravity with the force that is produced by the spinning rotor. As long as the rotor is spinning it works.

This is more natural way to view life; constant spinning. It is also more realistic because, let us face it, our lives are constantly spinning. But in stead of feeling guilty because we don’t have balance between work and family, business and play, let us embrace the reality of our world and make it work for our benefit

Here are the key words that will need to replace the maladaptive idea of balance; versatility, creativity, ingenuity, adaptability, and shifting. These concepts will help your solve problems, manage chaos, and achieve your goals.

Achieving your goals is the fundament idea. Your dreams for life must be articulated. If they are not specifically stated and written down then you are being carried away by an idea that may be floating around in your mind, directing your actions, and the failure to achieve them is what is causing you to feel “out of balance.” If you are married and both of you have floating ideas about balance in life then you are in real trouble!

Remember, there is no balance. There is only success and failure and failure will precede success many many times. Consequently you will have to be versatile, creative, ingenious, adaptive and shift.

Your good feeling will come in increments first and more fully with major achievements. But the feeling is illusive. Accomplishment is like getting a new car; you get use to it quickly. The same is true with the idea of balance; even if you have a sense of it that feeling is fleeting. Trying to achieve balance will lead to frustration and disappointment. Working toward goals, even if you constantly have to shift and adapt, satisfies.

This entrepreneurial view of life relates to every realm of being, Spirituality, relationships, finances, health related issues and even culture. But it is a huge problem for those who embrace illusion of the status quo of life, who believe that working a job, growing a family, and retiring comfortably is the goal of life; having a balanced life.

The reality is that you are already are versatile, creative, ingenious, adaptable, and shift… you have to in order to survive. But you have not embraced it because you have held on to the idea of balance and harmony. Let it go.

Adapt, shift, be versatile and achieve the goals that God has set out for you to achieve.

I love you – Bryan Martin