My Ideal Day of Love: Little Things

If you know me then you know that the “L” in L.O.V.E. stands for “little things.” I have come to the conclusion that 90% of love is little things. Little things are as essential to love as breathing is to life. Continue reading “My Ideal Day of Love: Little Things”


Help One Day

Today you will have the opportunity to Help One person, do it!

You could Help One village in Africa get clean water. You could Help One researcher get one step closer to a cure for AIDs. You could help start one school for deprived children in Eastern Europe or California.

Or you could purchase a gas card for the family that has to travel again from Los Banos to Madera to Valley Children’s Hospital for cancer treatments for their child.

Or you could hold a grieving person in your arms.

Or you could smile at the pan handler and tell her that you love her.

There is no limit to the number of things you can do… but just Help One.

My vision for the Help One movement is that people help people in simple but significant ways.

We were a poor college student family, really poor, when one person brought us a bag of groceries. We were thrilled and blessed to get the food. We immediately divided it up and shared it with another family poorer than we were.

I tell that story often to remember the beautiful young woman who helped one family and to show how her little act of help was so significant. Two families, eight people benefited from one bag of groceries.

But more than that… wouldn’t be great if we taught kids to help each other. Jared’s son Jadon is already a Help One person. He, like a lot of other kids, is watching out for other students who need a little help. I can see how Help One programs can be presented all across the globe.

But don’t get too excited, just Help One today.

If you really want to be part of a great movement make the commitment to Help One every single day. Email me your commitment and I will support you and provided some helping accountability.

Today… love your neighbor, Help One!

I love you – Bryan Martin